12 Inch Light Up USA Flag Globe Bubble Multicolor Wand

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Do you have any plans for Fourth of July? Looking for an exciting activity during your family barbecue and pool parties? Blinkee.com has the perfect solution. Our 12 Inch Light Up USA Flag Globe Bubble Wand screams summer time fun. Kids will love this patriotic, yet child friendly and non-toxic bubble wand for some summer bubble blowing fun!Now it's time to play with your patriotic 12 Inches Light Up USA Flag Globe Bubble Wand. This wand illuminates in various colors when powered on. With a flip of a switch the globe at the top begins morphing colors and bubbles begin popping into the air.Includes 3 pre-installed AA batteries, and a jar of bubble solution that screws into the bottom.Add more AA Batteries here.Try out our relevant designs:Musical LED Dog Bubble WandMusical Tiger Bubble WandFlashing Cat Bubble Musical Wand