White Cocktail Party Light Up Swizzle Stick Drink Stirrer

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If your drink needs a mix, a stir or a swizzle. Get our light up drink stirrers and you'll be the shizzle. Now if you don't get some you'll just be a scrub. And that just won't do at a party or club. So get one or two. Or five or six sticks. Get a light up drink stirrer when your drink needs a mix. Instructions: Simply twist the top piece to turn on the beautifully bright LEDs. The White Cocktail Party Light Up Swizzle Sticks do not flash or blink, once activated the LEDs will stay constant. *These items are made from FDA approved plastic. Height: 6.5 in. , 16.51 cm. Width: 1.37 in. , 3.47 cm. Stirrer Colors: White LED Colors: 1 White Includes 3 replaceable AG3 Batteries.