Slingshot Flying Helicopter with Multicolor LED

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These multicolor slingshot flying helicopters will keep your kids entertained and outdoors for hours. Peel them away from the screen with this exciting toy. Your kids will love launching these rubber band powered rockets sky high and watching them gently spin down in a kaleidoscope of color.Its one for the money, two for the show. Three to get ready then go, go, go. First press the button near the hook on the rocket. Next, hook the band from the rubber band launcher around the hook on the rocket. Extend your launcher arm in front of you, pull back the rocket with the other hand, stretching out the rubber band. Then GO GO GO. Just release the rocket and watch it streak up to fifty feet up into the sky, reach it's apex, then spin, spin spin, down, down, down. Then try to catch it on the way down. Friends can compete to see who gets the most catches.