LED Black Gloves Multicolor LEDs

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Make a light show every raver loves. Put on some multicolor LED gloves. They're like other gloves but with just one twist. The thumbs and fingers light up from the switch on the wrist. Wear our gloves and you'll be the Mac. These awesome gloves are back in black. The black gloves are knit, like mittens, to create the seamless transition from black to white fabric. That part of the gloves looks very nice and high quality. The IC unit is contained in a box now, rather than an exposed board. The button to activate the gloves protrudes and is easy to find. It is still a multifunction pushbutton. All gloves feature 6 different modes - strobe, slow blend, all on, flash blue, flash green, flash red The light output in the new black gloves appears to be distinctively more intense than in the standard White Gloves. One size fits all. Glove size "large". 8.5" ; ; 1 pair of LED gloves per package. Batteries included. Replace carefully. The gloves are very fragile and must be treated delicately to keep lasting. They are good quality, but since they have wires running through them and they are fabric, they tend to be delicate. Take them off by the wrist instead of the finger and wear them only while they are expressly being used Take them off right away after use. These are like buying new shoes. You use them and they're yours. Flashing gloves not intended for children under 10. Washing gloves will result in defective functions. Magic Matt will not be held liable for damaged product due to improper use. Check out these troubleshooting instructions.