Huge Old School Wearable Christmas Light Bulb Necklace

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Way back in the seventies who would have thoughtThe huge Christmas house lights our Moms and Dads boughtWould come as a necklace that's easily purchased?Those old Christmas lights are fully repurposed.When you were this necklace everyone will see.You'll be decked with Christmas lights like you're a Christmas tree.Each Huge Old School Christmas Light Bulb Necklace has 9 bulbs and each blub flashes when the necklace is turned on.Dimensions: Necklace Length: 40";9 PCS Bulbs: 1.25" x 2"LED Colors: WhiteBatteries: (3) AG13, ReplaceableModes: Steady. Strobe, Flash, Blink Twinkle, PulseNecklace comes with breakaway clasp for removal ease and safety purposes.To activate your LED Bulbs Necklace, remove pull tab and press the button on the battery house.