Size 6 Seventies Mood Rings with 1 Free E Mood Ring

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You may also see: Size 7, Size 8, Size 9 and size 10.Are you tense or relaxed? Do you feel loving or fearful? Cat got your tongue?Magic and Mystery awaken. Reveal your inner self and enliven your playful spirit.Mood Ring Color Chart: Black - Tense, Nervous, Harassed, Overworked White - Frustrated, Confused, Bored Gray - Anxious, Nervous, Strained Bronze - Mixed, Unsettled, Cool Pink - Fear, Uncertainty, Unresolved Questions Turquoise- Inner Emotions, Charged, Somewhat Relaxed Yellow - Ease, Calm, Love Orange - Stimulating Ideas, Daring Wants Dark Blue - Very Happy, Loving, Passionate, Romatic Green - Average, Active, Not Under Great Stress Red - Excited, Energized, Adventurous, Ready to Go Purple - Sensual, Clear, PurposefulSeventies Mood Rings with 1 Free E Mood Ring by Blinkee All Products, Flashing Rings, LED Jewelry, Rainbow Multicolor