Remote Activated Color Changing LED Cheer Stick

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NOTE: You must purchase a separate Remote Control to use your Remote Control Cheer Sticks.How to Activate:Remove pull-tab from bottom of cheer stick. Press ON/OFF button to activate the infrared light (which allows the remote to transmit commands).Additionally, you can press the FUNCTION button in order to manually go through 10 light functions: Red Blue Green Fuschia Citrus (Orange, Green, Yellow Combo) Turquoise Every Color On at Once (Still Light) Flash Color Change RGB FlashRemote Control REQUIRED for this product to be used -- Control any amount of cheer sticks within 1,000 feet.For best signal, please clear as many obstructions between cheer stick & remote as possible.Product Specs:Length: 16"LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green (Combine to make different color combos.)Batteries: 3 AG13 Batteries. Batteries are replaceable.Remote: Remote Controls REQUIRED for this item to work (Purchased separately).