EL Wire Blue Bow Tie for Men Night Rave Parties

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Engineering meets fashion design. It's peculiar to see those words used together in the same area; they seem to be of a different class. But, hey! These two seemingly opposite worlds can be integrated into one. Our EL Wire Blue Bow Tie for Men Night Rave Parties will surely be a big hit because of its unique design that is suitable for all occasions.The neck strap is adjustable to fit most and secures with hook clasp. Battery house comes with adhered hook-and-loop fastener to help conceal within clothing. Well, that is engineering!To activate your Bow Tie, remove the pull tab and flip the switch either up or down located on the battery housing. Up, for steady lighting. Down, for flashing function.Bow Tie: 4.75" x 2.5"Adjustable Neck Strap: Up to 19"Battery Housing: 1" x 2"Battery Cord: 12"EL Wire Color: RedComes with (1) AAA replaceable batteries.