BPID, 1-Day Single-Piece Adhesive Expiring Badge, Thermal Printable Item # 02011

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Keep Your Facility Safe

Our TEMPbadge™ single-piece expiring visitor badges are a perfect solution for those seeking a simple, effective Visitor Management tool.

These badges feature an adhesive back that allows for easy attachment without the need for a clip or badge back.

Each badge features a middle liner that prevents the badge's expiration from being activated accidentally. Simply remove the liner and press the badge together to activate the expiration.

Once the expiration is activated, badges will expire in one day. After a day, a series of red lines will be visible on the badge.

These lines provide easy visual verification of a badge's authenticity and validity, making it impossible for guests to reuse a badge.

This helps prevent unauthorized re-entry and keeps guests from overstaying their welcome.

Individual visitor information, like a name or date, can be handwritten on the badge with a pen, pencil, marker or other writing instrument.

These single-piece adhesive badges are the perfect visitor badges for schools, museums, office buildings and more.

Discounts are available for large orders. Please contact us for details.

This product is also known as a ONEstep / TIMEtoken.

Simply peel away liner, press together and issue.

2" X 3"