Brief Relief™ BR901 Daily Restroom Kit

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Brief Relief Logo BlueBrief Relief™ Daily Restroom Kits includes the essentials you and your crews need to handle natures call. We've combined individual Brief Relief™ and Disposa-John™ bags for convenient disposal of both liquid and solid waste. Each Kit comes complete with 2 Brief Relief™ pouches, 1 Disposa-John™ pouch, sanitary towelette and toilette paper.

Working in tandem with our Commode and when needed our Privacy Tent, the Brief Relief™ Daily Restroom Kit provides users with the piece of mind they need to focus on the task at hand.

Innovative Workplace Solutions

Simply put – if you have outdoor work crews, you need to supply them with Brief Relief products to help keep them safe, healthy and productive.

Brief Relief provides small on-the-go restroom solutions that easily can go on any work truck or in a glove box – keeping crews in the field and not out wasting time searching for a bathroom.

Daily Restroom Kits Key Product Features:

Brief Relief™

* Wide collar and fold out handle

* Gels liquid upon contact

* Snap lock channel for final closure

* Designed for ease of use by both men and women

* Spill proof, leak proof and odor free