Brief Relief™ PQ2000 Field Lavatory System

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The Porta-Quick Utility System comes complete with a shelter, commode and waste bag and can be used by both men and women.

The shelter is compact enough to carry in a small bag. It opens quickly and easily to a one-person, standing-size tent. This privacy shelter is essential in most areas. The commode is lightweight but sturdy and contains a screw-down lid and normal-size foam toilet seat.

The Porta-Quick Utility Pack portion of this system has 10 BR500 Brief Relief bags, designed with a triple outer barrier and a liner for liquid and solid waste. These bags have polymers and enzymes in them that change waste into deodorized gel. The Porta-Quick Utility Pack also includes toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes for maximum sanitation.

Field Stats:

• 10-year shelf life

• Easily constructed in less than 2 minutes

• Extremely lightweight and compact, requiring minimal storage space