Cal Hawk 4969 Micro 901 Butane Gas Torch

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Cal Hawk 4969 Micro 901 Butane Gas Torch

Product Summary

The Butane Micro Torch Lighter is designed for precision work including fine soldering, jewelry repairs, craft projects and heat shrinking wire. An electric ignition makes lighting quick and easy, an adjustable flame control knob allows for a fine-tuned precision flame, and continuous flame lock keeps the torch lit while in use. 


  • Length: 6.63"
  • Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Packaging Type: Blister Pack
  • Piezo press ignition allows for fast, safe, immediate lighting
  • Gas flow regulator dial to easily adjust flame and a gas flow safety lock when turned off
  • Create a continuous flame up to 4.75" long with a temperature of 2500 degrees.
  • Great for kitchen, sous vide, flammable, searing meat, bar cocktails, lighting a fire, cigars, dabs, BBQ grills, camping, and for craft and artist work such as art resin
  • Perfect for a professional chef or avid home bakers