Liquid Wrench L1-12 Super Lubricant 11 0Z

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Liquid Wrench L1-12 Super Lubricant 11 0Z

Liquid Wrench penetrating oil is specially designed to dissolve rust and cut through grease.
Liquid Wrench penetrating oil contains proprietary, high-performing cerflon® technology for fast-acting, improved performance and has low odor, low VOC and is safe on paint, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Use to free stuck nuts, bolts and locks.

• A powerful blend of quick-acting, fast penetrating solvents that loosens rusted nuts, bolts and parts in seconds

• Dissolves rust and cuts through grease

• Safe on painted surfaces

• Capacity Vol. 6 oz

• Packing Type Aerosol Can

• Color Opaque Yellow

• Flash Point 200.00 °F

• VOC <1%

• Specific Gravity 0.8900

• Chemical Compound Petroleum

• Odor/Scent Pleasant