Medical Devices Int. MDI CPR Microsheild CPR Microkey W/Nylon Keychain Pouch

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CPR Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier Mask from Environmental Safety Services was designed to meet two critical specifications; protect the rescuer and allow the rescuer to perform proper CPR according to the established guidelines and procedures.

Our patented one-way valve and single piece design assures the rescuer that our barrier will not leak and will maintain its integrity when performing CPR.

To guarantee that our barrier will perform to the highest quality standards, every CPR Microshield is 100% tested and 100% inspected. When called upon to give CPR, you can perform this specific procedure exactly as you learned it in your CPR class.

Many devices require deviation from established procedures with complicated hand seal methods instead of the established mouth-to-mouth seal.

When it comes to protecting yourself while trying to save a life, why would anyone settle for anything less than the CPR Microshield?

For more than a decade the CPR Microshield has been the leader in CPR barriers. Designed to protect the rescuer while aiding in the administration of proper CPR technique, it has become the standard by which others are judged. The positive one-way valve inside the airway enhancing bite block is designed for maximum protection of the first responder.

It also assists in keeping an open airway while performing the head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver. The original CPR Microshield is conveniently packaged in an orange vinyl envelope style case and is still our most popular packaging option.

CPR Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier Mask Features:

• Positive one-way valve

• CPR compatible

• True mouth-to-mouth seal

• Airway enhancement

• Clear barrier

• Airway/shield welded

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