R&B-Zombie APOCALYPSE Response Kit Bag

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 R&B-Zombie APOCALYPSE Response Kit Bag

You can be sure you are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse when you assemble your Zombie Response Kit.

The R&B Fabrications Zombie Response Kit Bag will help you keep your gear together and organized. You might ask, "What should be included in a Zombie Response Kit?" Here are our suggested contents:

  • 6 pack of PBR,
  • chain saw,
  • machete,
  • hedge trimmers,
  • hatchet,
  • butchers apron,
  • goggles,
  • 9mm or .45 caliber semi automatic pistol,
  • 12 gauge shotgun,
  • 00 ott buckshot,
  • Leatherman tool,
  • 50mL of Stoll Vodka,
  • wet wipes,
  • night vision goggles,
  • purple glow sticks,
  • running shoes and Federal Handbook FM 999-3 Counter Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level.

Suggested contents not included.

Dimensions: 18"L x 12"W x 12"H.

Color: Purple.

Wt. 9ozs.