Tingley, 11" Hazardous Materials Boot Steel Toe & Midsole - 82330 - Size 6-13

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Tingley, 11" Hazardous Materials Boot - Steel Toe & Midsole - Sure Grip - Orange/Cream Model: 82330

Brand: Tingley
HazProof®, Certified To NFPA 1991 For Chemical And Hazmat Cleanup, Emergency Response And Domestic Preparedness 

Made of special polymer material, this comfortable boot meets the protective footwear chemical permeation requirements of NFPA 1991 Standard on Vapor–Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies. With the growing reality that chemical warfare agents are now a threat to the civilian population, domestic preparedness programs are developing rapidly. The HazProof boot has also been tested to Military Standard 282 and will provide protection against certain chemical warfare blister and nerve agents!
Injection molded seamless construction for 100% liquid proof protection.
Larger foot area is engineered to accommodate the extra bulk of an encapsulated suit, for comfortable fit.
Smooth exterior surface for easy decontamination.
Stretch fastener closure system allows for easy on and off while wearing gloves.
Steel mid-sole meets and exceeds ASTM F 2413 PR.
Steel shank provides firm arch support.
Blown closed cell EVA mid-sole for all day cushion comfort.
Sure grip cleated outsole has excellent abrasion and slip resistance.
Bright orange color for high visibility.
Meets ASTM F 2413 M/I/75/C/75 for steel toe impact and compression, and Electrical Hazard Protection
Boot shall withstand 18,000 volts at 60 HZ for 1 minute with no current flow or leakage current in excess of 1.0 milliamperes under dry conditions tested as per lab conditions in Test Method F2412.

Electrical Hazard soles and heels are intended to reduce the hazards due to accidental contact with live electrical circuits, electrically energized conductors, parts, or apparatus.  Electric Hazard soles and heels are not intended for wear in those work environments where volitile chemicals or explosives may be present, where conductive footwear is required.


  • Ideal Applications: Chemical and Hazmat Cleanup, Emergency Response, and Domestic
  • Preparedness.
  • Chemical Resistance: Hazardous Waste.
  • NFPA 1991 Certified, Our HazProof Boot surpasses the following NFPA Requirements:
  • Permeation Resistance - ASTM F 739 and ASTM F100 - 21 Chemicals
  • Permeation Resistance - MIL-STD-282
  • Flame Resistant - ASTM F 1358
  • Puncture Propagation Upper - ASTM F 1342
  • Exceeds Protection Minimum Upper (Height)
  • Electrical Hazard - ASTM F 2413 EH
  • Puncture Resistance Sole & Heel - ASTM F 2413 PR
  • Abrasion Resistance Sole & Heel - ASTM D 1630
  • Toe Impact Resistance - ASTM F 2413 M/I/75
  • Toe Compression Resistance - ASTM F 2413 M/C/75
  • Slip Resistance - ASTM F 489
  • Cut Resistnce Upper - ASTM F 1790
  • Ladder Shank Bending Resistance - NFPA 1991